CTF-Austere for Unreal Tournament 3 released

Posted on 5th March, 2010 at 13:38

I’m pleased to write that my award winning Capture The Flag level for Unreal Tournament 3 has been finalized and released.

(there was an image here at some point, now internet has lost it)

CTF-Austere is a level in an neglected industrial setting, partly mimicking the old-school Unreal Tournament 1 theme. The layout is quite straight-forward, with a few routes and enough z-axis to keep you busy chasing the other team’s flag. Enough close quarter combat areas for some tight Flak Cannon action and a few open spots for long-range sniping, and everything in between.

Powerups include all possible armors scattered around the level and two useful invisibility pickups. If you time it right, you could double the invisibility time and sneak to the enemy flag quite well. All weapons (except for the redeemer) are included and a balanced ammo layout is in use, leaving enough for a good 14 player match.

Visuals consist of dark and murky abaddoned industrial assets and effects. Leaking pipes, croaking wood, overflown pits and howling wind and unfirendly rain from open ceilings. You can hear the distant thunder occasionally. The map uses no music, but I think I created a good aural world to the level to compensate to that. Add in the shrieks and bangs of fierce battle and you’ve got the audio finished. In the below download I’ve included a music track I originally made for this level, but left out in the end.

Originally I created Austere just for myself and to get a level done for Unreal Tournament 3. Later on when interest grew I decided to please the other players too and began taking feedback on various beta versions. In the credits listed below you read the folks that made Austere a great level in my opinion. Thanks folks!

I sent an almost finished version to the UT3 iteration of Make Something Unreal Contest to try my skills in the level development categories. To my pure surprise, Austere was picked fifth in the ‘Best DM/CTF level’ category in the Phase three submissions, which is quite a feat for a first level for a game in my scope.

Below are some screenshots and download links.

(there was an image here at some point, now internet has lost it) (there was an image here at some point, now internet has lost it)

Download (a 42,3MB .zip-file) available from these locations: none any more, sorry. Let me know and I can dig a ZIP for you.

I would like to own some credit to these people (list below), who were of help when developing CTF-Austere or otherwise posted kind comments into the beta version threads at various discussion boards or via direct contact. Thanks everyone and Epic Games for a great game!

Enough self-loving, now you players can tell me your thoughts. All critique and comments appreciated.

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