Help me make more music: my Patreon page is now open

Posted on 7th December, 2017 at 02:02

I decided to start a Patreon page in order to help me find more funds and time to make more music. It’s simple: check out my Patreon page, and then become a patron (minimum $1.00 per month) if you feel like you want to support me.

I’ve been doing electronic music for around a decade mainly for myself. Now I’m in the phase where I feel like I could step it up a bit and aim a tad higher. I will be keeping true to myself, and hopefully, I will find people who share my style and like what I put out.


Patreon is a website where creators can reach our for new fans, supporters, and followers. Fans and supporters pay either per-creation (e.g. a single song or album) or the per-month.

Patreon makes it easier for freelancers and single-person creator teams to earn some revenue and grow their fanbase.

Why did I start a Patreon page?

  1. I love making music
  2. I would love to make more music
  3. I would love to make better music

Right now I’m in a spot where I work on my music in the evenings and weekends. My dream would be to partly cover my living expenses by making awesome music. The more time I can sink into making music the better I will become, and the better stuff you will also get to your speakers and headphones! Who knows, perhaps one day you would hear one of my tracks at a festival somewhere. Or just maybe even a local club, even that would be awesome.

Why should you become a patron?

  1. I get a certain amount of support per month, which helps me cover costs of making music and living my life
  2. Get access to early previews and other special content from me, be it track previews or work in progress clips
  3. You can keep your monthly donations as low as $1.00, or show more financial support if you feel like it
  4. A warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

I don’t have any reward tiers yet, but I’m open to suggestions for rewards. Some people do commissions, some provide neat patrons-only content, some shell out merch.

In any case, I would really appreciate the support, be it big or small. Thanks!

As always, you can find my latest work over at SoundCloud and Bandcamp.

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