Remember to backgroundify your elements

Posted on 11th June, 2009 at 07:25

Today I was in trouble. My girlfriend had turned the user setting of the page background to black on her Opera. This she did to “save energy”, which sounds a bit trivial to me, as she has a small LCD.

Anyway, I tried to open a page, but I didn’t see anything but blue links and a few images. I wondered what was going on, but realized that it must be the black background doing its tricks here. I didn’t know where or how it could be set to white again, so I took a deep breath and opened the page in Internet Explorer. It loaded fine and everything was viewable again.

So this is a word of advice to all CSS coders: remember to give a background color and a base text color to your body elements:

body {
    background: #FFF;
    color: #000;

Now user settings will be overwritten and texts are readable with some basic CSS and you can override these styles later on in your CSS files.

I also told my girlfriend to change the black background to a dark gray. It’s still dark but I don’t need to open IE if a body accident has happened.

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